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In this course I will introduce you to the Unity 3D game engine. From interface to programming, I will help you with everything and I will help you in making a working prototype. Everyone enjoy’s playing games, but while taking this course, you will realize making a game is as much fun as playing it.

I still remember the day, when I first time made my character move on a solid platform, I was so happy and excited, I was just moving that character left to right for next 10 mins. It might seem difficult when you look at the engine for the first time but its all easy. And soon you will realize its easy and fun to play around with engine and make games. And as soon as you realize this, you will start getting you own game ideas that would love to implement. By the completion of this course you will have a working prototype of a game with you and you will be ready to make your own prototypes.

This course is organized very ideally, as I know the problem I faced while learning unity. So you don’t need to face same problems while learning the same. Everything will be explained in detail, and code will be explained line by line, so don’t worry if you are not a programmer.

Also I will explain about the interface and how powerful unity’s interface is so even programmers wont face a problem, as I being a programmer, hate so many buttons on my screen. And learning all this you will realize that half of your game related work can be done inside unity and you wont need much of 3rd party software to make a prototype. Your learning related to programming will cover everything from introduction to programming, to game-play scripting. And there will be lots of bonus content to help you publish you game and have different types of build that includes IOS, android, web and PC.

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