CGWorkshops – VEX in Houdini


Active Weeks:8 | 4.1 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Houdini

Shawn Lipowski currently works for Psyop in New York as a FX Artist having just completed a seven year term working through the ranks at Look Effects in New York to become a Senior TD. So spend eight weeks exploring the fastest, most powerful programming language to ever be embedded in 3D software: VEX. It’s the multi-threaded code at the core of Houdini’s unparalleled procedural visual effects workflow and, much like XSI’s brilliant ICE workflow, the code can be generated visually via a node graph.

So why write code, when you can plug and play? “We’ll answer that with examples expressed more succinctly and beautifully in pure code,” says Shawn.”But more than just teaching you the library of functions in some exhaustive exercise of rote memorization, I want to walk you through the implementation of real algorithms culled from papers and vfx projects alike.”

The first week is an intro to VEX, followed by two weeks of broad strokes coverage, then we will launch into actual projects, one per week.

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