Ctrl+ Paint – Basic Rendering 4: Putting it all Together


68 Minutes | Software used: Photoshop

Basic Rendering 4 concludes the series by showcasing a real-world illustration process featuring the tools, technique, and theory from parts 1-3. First we explore the importance of composition and ‘value pattern’. This process informs the creation of our thumbnail sketch and digital rough, which is then enlarged and polished into a final illustration. Most importantly, the series focuses on the design choices I make throughout the process (both successes and failures), which can be applied to any illustration.

Home Page: _http://ctrlpaint.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/basic-rendering-4-putting-it-all-together



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Ctrl+ Paint – Basic Rendering 4 Putting it all Together.part1.rar
Ctrl+ Paint – Basic Rendering 4 Putting it all Together.part2.rar


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