CGCookie – Scultping a Classical Female Bust


922 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Blender 2.70

What You Will Learn:

How to choose reference photos.
Setting up the workspace in Blender for sculpting heads.
Addressing common problems with reference photos.
Building up the basic, essential forms.
Hairdo: A general approach that can be applied to other hairdo’s.
As a highlight, I will demonstrate two ways to finish off the sculpted hairdo’s fine details. One way a more realistic as one can see often in modern sculptures. The other strongly stylized and decorative. Both approaches are easy to apply once the basic forms are created as shown in lessons 1-4.
The tutorial also discusses how reference photos can be used creatively, so it is not copying, but creating a unique design.
Workflow: We will start with Blender’s dynamic topology feature, then export to Zbrush’s Zremesher for a quick retopology (lesson 5). Then further sculpting will take place in Blender with the multires modifier to obtain the finish of the hair. The workflow shown here is essential for every “finished” sculpt. The base mesh created in Zbrush is provided, so that students without Zbrush still can follow along and complete the tutorial. Of course you’re welcome to do a manual retopology in Blender instead, then follow along with this one too.

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