Digital-Tutors – Exploring Options with the Swept Boss/Base Feature in SolidWorks


2h 40m | 914 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: SolidWorks

Throughout this SolidWorks tutorial we’ll cover a variety of topics, including an introduction to the design library and a more thorough look at the swept boss/base feature. As a profile is extended along a defined path, the swept boss/base feature can be fairly simple.

With the various options available and the manipulation of the profile along that path by guide curves some exotic geometry can be created that may be difficult and time consuming to produce using more common modeling tools in SolidWorks. With these options though, the feature can become potentially complicated, prone to errors and difficult to understand how it works.

By the end of this SolidWorks training, you’ll know that once this feature is understood and properly managed, the variety of forms that it can produce is unrivaled by another feature available.

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