Speedtree Unreal Engine subscription v7.0.7

New Features

1. New lightmapping options
The property “Lightmap:Display multiplier” has been added to the ‘Tree’ generator. This property allows you to preview higher resolution lightmaps without changing the UV layout.

Bug Fixes

1. Integer thumbwheels update correctly
Integer properties edited by thumbwheels now update the value immediately upon changing.

2. UE4 sample models updated
These samples were missing specular atlases. They have been restored.

3. Alembic exporting on Linux
Alembic files were not exporting correctly on some Linux platforms.

4. Maya script path problems
Path issues in the Maya scripts have been corrected.

5. Houdini OTL path problems
Path issues in the Houdini OTL have been corrected.

6. Export unwrapped
The bug preventing exporting unwrapped models has been corrected

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