Digital-Tutors – Using Pattern Based Modeling to Create Exterior Glazing Families


1h 8m | 387 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Revit 2015

In this set of Revit tutorials, we’ll learn how to use generic and adaptive pattern based modeling to create a custom exterior glazing system in Revit.

We’ll begin by working in the generic modeling template where we’ll take a step-by-step approach to creating each component of the spider clip that will hold the glass panels together. Once all geometry is in place, we’ll set a few parameters that will help us control the size of the clip as well as making it flexible to fit any glass thickness we desire.

Next we’ll work in the pattern based modeling template where we’ll build our glass panel, waterproofing sealant, structure as well as import the spider clips to become part of the panel pattern.

By the end of this Revit training, you’ll have create a unique and parametric exterior glazing system you can use for skylights, curtain walls, pavilions and even exhibits. You also become comfortable with working in various project templates and setting parameters.

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