CGcircuit – Vehicle Design with Christopher Bonura Volume 1 – 4


Volume 1 Duration 66m

In this tutorial we will establish a basic story to drive our vehicle design. Using these story points
we will explore a number of thumbnail sketches to come up with an idea. Once an idea is chosen we will
create orthographic and three quarter views to visualize the final design.

Volume 2 Duration 97m

In this tutorial we will use our orthograph views to create an accurate model of our vehicle. Using
only basic tools we will establish the main shapes then work our way down to functional details. Other
techniques such as kit bashing will be used to come up with interesting shapes and details. Unlike
production modeling this is a look at quickly generating a polished model to aid in concept art.

Volume 3 Duration 159m

In this tutorial we will start with creating a clean plate for our background. Using photographs and
paint will generate a clean plate so our vehicle will sit in a photo real environment. Using our
existing vehicle model we will take advantage of Modo’s preset materials along with our custom textures
to create believable materials and a finished look. The materials along with a very basic light setup
will give us a photo real render for our vehicle design.
Volume 4 Duration 85m

In this tutorial we will be taking our final 3D render to completion with paint and photographs. Some
of the areas that will be covered are painting atmospheric debris , lighting, cut lines, editing the
clean plate, weathering and various details to sell the believability of our vehicle and ground it into
reality. We will also go over using key render passes from Modo to aid in paint, and create a more
efficient workflow. Using a 3D render of our vehicle is a great tool in creating a believable concept
but paint helps breath life into your concept so it does not feel like a static 3D model.

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