Digital-Tutors – Working with the Type Tool in Photoshop


46m 58s | 257 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Photoshop

In this series of Photoshop tutorials, we’ll be using the type tool in Photoshop. We’ll start by getting familiar with the type tool and learning the difference between point text and area text.

We’ll also go over some shortcuts that will save us time when formatting type. Next, we’ll go over transforming and warping text to give it perspective in a scene. We’ll then talk about formatting and we’ll learn about character and paragraph styles and how they can really speed up the workflow with making changes or revisions to formatted text.

We’ll finish this Photoshop training by customizing an area text box to allow us to wrap text around a graphic. This course goes over methods for working with and formatting text and by the end of this course you’ll understand and be able to layout type in Photoshop.

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