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Creating grass in Blender is a pain. You know you need it for your scene, but you put it off because you know how long it will take. Finding the right tutorial, tweaking settings, rendering, tweaking and re-rendering takes hours, and IT’S PAINFUL.
But worst of all? Even after fiddling with all particle settings, and spending way longer on it than you intended, you usually end up with something that looks closer to cheap astro-turf than grass.
The good news is though, you’re not insane. Blender’s particle strands just simply isn’t suited for grass.
Blender’s strands are long and singular, which makes them great for hair and fur which is consistent; but grass is wayyyy more complex. It’s got sprouts, seeds, color variations, skinny parts, fat parts and flat leaves just to name a few.
Real grass:
Once you look carefully at a real sprout of grass, it’s easy to see why Blender’s particle strands always fall short.
That’s why we created The Grass Essentials… a way to have real grass in your scenes.

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