Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace – Arid Desert


An Arid themed set of rocks, terrain, and vegetation.

An Arid themed set of rocks, terrain, and vegetation that enables you to create a highly detailed desert environment. Included in this set:


2 cliff rocks uniquely shaped to create a large amount of variety.
– A rock pile and large boulder.
– A flat layered rock used to create details and the base of cliffs or jutting out of the terrain.


-2 uniquely shaped erosion mounds used to transition rocks to terrain in a realistic and convincing way.
– A small collection of tiling terrain materials that blend together to create a convincing ground. Included in these tiling materials is sand, 2 different types of gravel, a rock floor, and cracked dry earth.
– 2 different plants that despite being dead help bring a little bit of life to the environment.
– A sample map that demonstrates how all of these assets work together to create a compelling desert environment.



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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Arid Desert.part1.rar
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Arid Desert.part2.rar


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