Digital-Tutors – Creating Isometric Drawings in AutoCAD


1h 16m | 366 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: AutoCAD 2015

In this AutoCAD tutorial we’ll learn how to create isometric drawings while creating a small structural detail.

We’ll begin with setting up our model space so that our snaps and grids work in an isometric view. From there we’ll do a small exercise to help us get familiar the grid and UCS in the isometric environment.

From there, we’ll begin our small project by creating a the beam in our isometric view, as well as the connection plates, bolts, and a few other structural elements. Along the way you can expect to learn how use various geometric shapes to create commonly used elements you’d expect to find in isometric details.

By the end of this AutoCAD training I’m confident you’ll be comfortable with working in the isometric view and you should be able to work your way through any isometric drawing thrown your way.

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