3DMotive – Advanced Game Mechanics In Unity 5 Volume 1


Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity’ helps users push their Unity knowledge to the next level. In this course, instructor Alan Thorn explores many powerful features in Unity 5, from debugging tools and version control, to 2D sprites and User Interfaces. See how to get started quickly at scripting useful behaviours and functionality for building solid games across many platforms, from endless-runners to shooters.

Part 1 consolidates scripting knowledge, exploring fundamental scripting tasks in Unity, developing a solid foundation for your games, whatever the genre. In part 2, learn how to build resolution-adapting interfaces for multiple screen-sizes, and see how to integrate 2D and 3D elements in a single scene, using the GUI features and sprite framework. In part 3, explore how to find and diagnose problems in your applications using MonoDevelop Debugging, as well as Visual Debugging. In part 4, learn how to manage team work-flows with Git and version control, allowing many people in a team to exchange and maintain source code easily anywhere in the world. And in Part5, explore a range of more advanced scripting tasks: see how to combine particle systems with physics, see how to develop save game states, how to make objects survive across multiple scenes, and how to develop for mobile devices, reading input from the accelerometer. Overall, ‘Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity’ features everything you need to become a powerful game developer quickly and easily, producing immersive games that sell.

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