cmiVFX – Cinema 4D 3D Tracking Concepts


From the mind that helped design, test, and develop several of today’s top 3D tracking solutions comes a brand new cmiVFX video release that’s all about stereoscopic camera motion tracking. This video is for any level of artist that is looking to figure out how to get up and running in the brand new Cinema 4D Motion Tracker system, and it has been perfectly honed to remove all unnecessary steps that can cause many tracking systems to slow down and become unmanageable. We will take you through an introduction to tracking times and footage types that will be made easy to understand. We’ll also get into geometrical constraints and we’ll show you how to insert geometry so you can test visual correction in real time. The main goal will be to make your 3d objects look like they belong in your footage. By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear understanding of stereoscopic motion tracking and you’ll be able to make your projects work exactly the way you want. Come and take a quick ride down the Motion Tracking super highway and then learn how to track it! —> (SPECIAL NOTE) This video was the first video recorded for C4D Motion Tracker. It was brand new and some issues with it on OS X have been improved. This video includes stereoscopic files specifically for tricking the app.

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