cmiVFX – Houdini Advanced FLIP Fluid Systems


2h 1m | 3.1 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Houdini

This latest release from cmiVFX will take you on a joyride through the world of fluids by exploring beach wave simulations inside Houdini. This video features mentor Arihant Gupta. Arihant is a Houdini TD at Ryhthm and Hues Studios, which is known for having worked on X-Men, The Lord of the Rings, and a host of other famous films over the years. We’ll be using the Houdini Flip Solver exclusively for this video, and we’ll gain an understanding of Houdini’s Ocean Tools. In addition, we’ll be taking a close look at the foam and spray of these ocean waves. You’ll get a chance to see how changing certain values can affect your simulation drastically, and then we’ll go in depth about the viscosity attribute in Houdini. The simple mathematics behind the viscosity chart will be demonstrated, and we’ll show a few practical examples where you’ll see how we can introduce multiple viscosity values to one single simulation. By the end of these lessons, you’ll have a solid understanding of the FLIP fluids workflow inside Houdini. You’ll be able to create and simulate your very own beach waves and melting bunnies quite easily.

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