Digital-Tutors – Multi-Part Greenscreen Keying in After Effects


In this After Effects tutorial we’ll go over how to effectively deal with all of these problems using some advanced techniques in After Effects. In a production environment compositors often have to key greenscreen footage that was shot in less than Ideal conditions.Things like shadows motion blur long hair and green spill can make keying very challenging. We’ll start off by evaluating the footage and planning how to tackle the shot. We’ll go on to separate our key into multiple parts: making edge mattes a core matte and fixing problem areas with holdout mattes. We’ll then use a powerful technique to fix edges, color correct the character to fit into the scene, and create a light wrap from scratch. Then as a final touch we’ll add a magic blast effect. When you’ve completed watching this After Effects training you’ll have a set of tools in your back pocket that will help you to get great looking keys from even the most difficult green screens.

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