The Gnomon Workshop – Airship Arrival


In this demonstration, legendary designer Syd Mead shares his techniques to create a finished illustration of a futuristic Airship. Image making requires the next step from mastering drawing skill and technique. To produce a sense of ‘being there’ combines drawing and technique skills with a visceral illusion called ‘presence.’ Without these elements coming successfully together, the finished image will look stilted, contrived and unbelievable. Painting with guache, a classic opaque watercolor pigment that dries with a matte finish, Syd discusses the medium, brushes and guides, while sharing his thoughts on the creation of a successful design illustration that is imbued with presence. As the process unfolds, Syd emphasizes how he effectively creates the illusion of reality through the almost abstract representation of various natural and mechanical detail. With clear vision, inspired by imagination and knowledge of the familiar, a plausible future reality comes together at the hands of a master draftsman, designer and artist.

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