Helloluxx – Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques


Learn all you need to know to create a believable and realistic landscape in CG.
This 8+ hours of tutorial focuses on creating vegetation for architectural landscaping scenes. This includes creating rocks, mosses, ivies and some other plant types, all with realistic shaders.
Learn how to create fountains using dynamic effects then make use of V-Ray displacement to model fences, lamps, building facade and more … A whole set of render elements will then be used for compositing in post processing.

First we will learn how to create vegetation and shaders in Maya and V-ray. The same concept also applies to V-ray in 3Ds Max. We will then continue to make a grass field in 3Ds Max using the concepts that we learned. We will also be learning how to use Multiscatter for that and how to optimize the scene for faster rendering.
You’ll also learn how to create shaders for leaves, grass, flowers and … in V-ray and 3Ds max. As a bonus I have added some different grass type models and 30+ different shaders for them to use in your scenes.
Next step would be composting our scene in Photoshop using the passes that we output from V-ray and ways to add depth of field, both in Photoshop and AfterEffecs.
After that we will learn some techniques to create Rocks in Vue and importing them in 3Ds max to be used in V-ray.
Then we will have two separate lessons about Moss and Ivy generation using Maya and Ivy generator, optimizing and bringing them back to 3Ds max to add shaders and make them ready for rendering.

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