CG Cookie – Creating a Stat Tracking Inventory System


Learn how to use world space UI elements, animations and C# to create a bullet bar tracker
In this tutorial series we’ll be going over how to create a stat tracking weapon that uses UI elements to display things such as ammo and health status in real time. We’ll be combining this with animations, scripting and some images to create a unique weapon system. You’ll need to use Unity 4.6 as we’ll be using the “world space” UI to place text and images directly onto our weapon.
*How to use a world space canvas onto a moving game object
*Using Mecanim and animation events to call a function at a specific time
*Creating text elements that update their values based on C# scripts
*Using GetComponent to grab components from other game objects and change their values
*Animating a UI mask with a script using a scrollbar and an image
*How to create a simple pickup object that can add or subtract values such as ammo
*and health




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