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cmiVFX brings you “The Ultimate Guide for Maya Bifrost,” taught by the leading expert in this field: Diego Trazzi. This course will explore the process of simulating liquids with the new Bifrost FLIP solver (Fluid Implicit Particle solver). Although simplicity is key when learning, this course will show you much more than the basics, it will give you a solid understanding of the theory behind such fluid solvers. Terms such as staggered grids, particle advection, and level-sets will become familiar throughout the course, and by the end of it, you will fully obtain the knowledge that is needed to simulate beautiful water, from a small droplet to a massive ocean. We have decided to mark specific sections of these classes when referring to similarities with Naiad. We think this will help those who used to work in Naiad and now want to transition onto Bifrost. For all the others who are new to this environment, we will cover everything from the ground up so we can mold you into well-educated VFX artists.



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