Digital-Tutors – MeshFusion Workflows in MODO


In this MODO tutorial, we’ll learn about the MeshFusion interface and begin building up a simple tree-based Fusion object. Booleans have been around for a long time, and by adding or subtracting different objects from one another we can create surprisingly complex objects. But issues like poor transitions from object to object and messy final topology have sometimes made Booleans difficult to work with, even if they do save time. MeshFusion, which is built into MODO 901, eliminates a lot of those issues and will allow us to combine smoothed objects together with a great deal of control over the transition edges and in complex Boolean trees or networks. We’ll learn to manipulate the objects within our Fusion item and change how they behave. We’ll also learn to modify strips to change the look of object transition lines. We’ll learn to use a schematic-based approach to creating large Boolean networks by connecting nodes. We’ll finish up by learning to output polygon geometry from our Fusion items. By the end of this MODO training, you’ll have a solid understanding of how you can use the MeshFusion plug-in in your own projects. Software required: MODO 901.



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