Digital-Tutors – MODO for CINEMA 4D Artists


In this MODO tutorial, we?ll learn to work in MODO from the perspective of a CINEMA 4D artist.

As a CINEMA 4D artist, MODO can be a great tool that can be leveraged in your pipeline, but transitioning to a new piece of software can sometimes be daunting.

We?ll start by discussing the interface and learn how the different areas correspond to the familiar CINEMA 4D interface. We?ll continue by learning to navigate the 3D view, learn some common hotkeys, and learn how to change MODO?s navigation to match the CINEMA 4D navigation that we?re used to.

Next, we?ll learn about how MODO deals with objects, specifically the difference between mesh items and components, and how we can move geometry around within those items. After that, we?ll look at an explanation of the very flexible Tool Pipe. We?ll also cover the use of Action Centers and Falloffs to customize how our tools affect models across their surfaces. We?ll learn about MODO?s Shader Tree and how we can use this layer-based workflow to add materials and textures to our scenes.

We?ll also cover creating renders in MODO and using the Preview Viewport to develop the look of our scenes. We?ll finish up by learning the basics of animation and talk about moving files between MODO and CINEMA 4D.

By the end of this MODO training, you?ll have a much better idea of the differences and similarities between CINEMA 4D and MODO and will be able to start using the strengths of MODO as you integrate it into your CINEMA 4D pipeline

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