FXPHD – BKD237: Background Fundamentals


Class 1: Mike talks to Andrew Jackson, the vfx supervisor whose work includes Knowing, Happy Feet 2, 300 and the last blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road.

Class 2: Mike talks to VFX supervisor Eric Durst about his role and relationship with other departments onset and how he physically prepares himself for his job.

Class 3: Mike goes to Animal Logic to talk to animation guru Rob Coleman about managing his team of talented animators.

Class 4: Part 1 of Mike going to ILM and sitting down with many supervisors, including Ben Snow, Marc Chu, Craig Hammock, François Lambert and Dennis Muren to talk about their career at ILM.

Class 5: Part 2 of Mike’s ILM visiting, talking to vfx supervisor Scott Farrar and John Knoll.

Class 6: Mike talks to Chris Edwards, CEO of The Third Floor, about the world of previz and the unique challenges it faces.

Class 7: Mike talks to Sheena Duggal, vfx supervisor at Marvel Entertainment, about her career as a female vfx supervisor.

Class 8: Mike talks to multiple Oscar winning VFX supervisor Paul Franklin about managing Double Negative and the important role of a vfx producer.

Class 9: Mike talks to Oscar winning VFX supervisor Alex Henning about being hands-on and the advancement in VR technology.

Class 10: Mike interviews Sheldon Stopsack, VFX supervisor at MPC about their work done in Terminator Genysis and the adaptation of ACES in MPC’s workflow.



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