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There are a number of new features in ShaderMap 3 – Major features include: Baking Maps from 3D models, a Map Filter System, a vastly improved Project Grid, real displacement preview in the Material Visualizer, and a bunch of new maps. Below is a list of each new feature and bug fixes.

Version 3.0.4
Auto Updater – Optional auto updating of ShaderMap. Requires internet connection and downloads happen in the background when they are made available.
Usage Feedback – Optional feedback system reports usage of nodes, layers, tools, etc and is sent to Rendering Systems anonymously. This feature should help us know which features to improve as ShaderMap continues to grow. Internet connection is required.
Project Templates – Can now save a project as a Template project file. All unlocked source nodes will be empty when the Template is loaded. The user can then load source nodes to complete the project.
Start Screen Template Library – A new drop down control has been added to the Start screen. Project Templates saved in the folder “C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\ShaderMap\SM3\Libs\Template” will appear in the drop down control. Select a Template from the drop down list to load it.
Option to Toggle Auto Update – New option to enable / disable Automatic Updates.
Option to Toogle Usage Feedback – New option to enable / disable Usage Feedback reporting.
Node Context Menu – Added Clone Model and Delete Model to the 3D Model node context menu.
Delete Node Shortcut – Users can now delete a node simply by pressing the Del key.
Smart Assign Node Inputs – When selecting inputs for new nodes ShaderMap will choose the most recently added matching input (if found) else will assign the most recently added node.
Option to Choose Node Input Assignment – New option to choose from smart input assign or most recent input assign.
Project Grid Swap Inputs – For maps with multiple inputs, the Project Grid interface now allows the easy swap of two inputs by dragging and dropping the input over another input.

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