Udemy – Drawing a Character on Adobe Illustrator II

Have you ever wondered how to draw a funny character on Adobe Illustrator? Here is the answer!!

We start with a sketch and quickly turn it into a digital asset, which means you can do whatever you want with it, print it on a t-shirt, make it your wallpaper, or whatever.

To convey such a task we must learn some illustrator basics and a particular process that works very well, which is inking the drawing (digitally of course) and then adding the colors and the shading.

Coloring is interesting, because it is a very simple drawing, but its shading is dynamic, which means it changes automatically when we change the main color.

Also, the unknown color wheel tool is used, so you will have a powerful tool to make complex color combination changes without any effort at all.

Also consider that the methodology used on this course allows you to have a very clean and adaptable drawing in case you only need the lines of example,

The course is divided into segments so each process is easier to learn.

The audience this course is people with some illustrator background that want to learn a specific method of creation.

Previous knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is required, especially the use of the pen tool, which will be essential to our endeavor. This is so we can concentrate on drawing and not on the specificities of the tool.

Also, we will use simple things, as to how to ad or remove a stroke or a fill from a shape.

The hardest part of drawing a funny character is actually drawing the character that is actually funny, because the rest of the process is pure digital magic.

Other than that, you only need a sketch of a funny character and we are ready to go!



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