cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming


Several months in the making, cmiVFX Research releases an epic video on how to groom human facial hair using SideFX Houdini Animation Software. Artist, cmi’s Chris Maynard, researched hair sculpting in conjunction with hair styling students of an international beauty school as well as popular NYC salons to come up with his ground breaking technique of “Render Softening” using digital hair to dither CG renders for a more realistic look. In conjunction with all of these resources, we added the compatibility with Solid Angle’s Arnold Rendering system to leverage the power of inoperability between several major animation packages. Using Alembic support allowed for us to get true congruency across multiple platforms. To add even more excitement to this already amazing video content, we recorded dual monitor high resolution screens to be displayed in our new higher resolution playback formats! No matter what kind of device you are on, or whatever location you are in, we have a solution for you! The cmiVFX website is designed to work 100% of the time using our redundant cloud servers and multiple device support, which is why many global developers are now using our site to test their own networks for problems! At cmiVFX, we are not only the teachers, but life long students. We take our customers feedback seriously, so our website will keep getting better after each new video release. Houdini Facial Hair Grooming is a major video milestone for us, allowing our extremely popular, “outside of the box” methodology to help guide you as the viewer in a way that is both fun and intriguing. For the cost of a family dinner, you can increase your chance for consistent work exponentially. To assist you even further, we will even help you get a job doing what you love. Simply watch a video, then tell us if you want to do this for a living, and we will help you get started on a path to happiness and success. You can rely on to help you be the very best you can be! Purchase this video now, and start making all your characters more detailed today



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cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part1.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part2.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part3.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part4.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part5.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part6.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part7.rar
cmiVFX – Houdini Facial Hair Grooming.part8.rar


Mirror :-










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