Udemy – Animate in Photoshop Easy Video Rotoscoping & Animating

In this course you will learn my very favorite animation and video rotoscoping techniques to create powerful multimedia projects ranging from laughably simple (think stick figures waving) to more sophisticated and complex (such as my own award-winning series of films screened internationally in film festivals and online since 2002.)

In this course you’ll learn step by step how to:

Harness the power of Photoshop to create simple or complex frame by frame animations, with or without using Photoshop’s timeline.
Easily turn a regular video into a stop-motion animated video by making simple frame rate adjustments.
Apply a full range of effects to your video to create animated elements or a stand-alone animation even if you CAN’T DRAW.
Coax Photoshop to animate objects and layers for you (without having to draw anything) by making position, size, and opacity changes, to name just a few possibilities.
Craft multiple effects at once to create more complex final animations by using multiple layers.
Capture complex movements by bringing in video, drawing right over it, and (optionally) throwing the video guide out so all that is left is your new animation with its sophisticated movements. (That’s rotoscoping!)



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