Udemy – Introduction to Solidworks

Basic principles of Solidworks taught via a series of components, culminating in the design of a dynamic model engine

This course introduces the fundamentals of Solidworks 3D parametric CAD software for the creation of both parts and assemblies.

The course focuses not only on the individual tools available in Solidworks, but also on the best approach to the use of these tools, so that the design progresses in a logical manner, leading to a robust, effective and efficient design process.

With over three hours of video tutorials, together with a .pdf download of component drawings as used in the exercises, users can complete each exercise at their own pace.

Each lesson builds on previously acquired knowledge and skills, often discussing multiple approaches to a given problem. The series of components created by the user is then used to create a final dynamic assembly.

Upon completion of this course, and with sufficient practice, users should experience increased design productivity, improved design process reliability and a more logical approach to the design process.



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