3DSOM Pro v4.2.7.4 Win64


3DSOM Pro is a professional solution for automated 3D modeling of real world objects.

A powerful software tool for creating professional quality 3D content from still images. A wide range of objects can be modelled, including those with holes and ‘difficult’ organic shapes.

Using a conventional camera, photos of your object are taken on a printed mat (where practical) and from a number of viewpoints in front of a plain backdrop. The shape of the object is automatically extracted from each photo and this information is used to build a high quality 3D mesh in .obj format to be used in any 3D application.
Digitised models are accurate representations of the original object, so can be measured with accuracy
Output the 3DSOM PRO model to industry standard formats such as OBJ, COLLADA, 3DS, X3D and STL for 3D printing
Having a 3DSOM model gives far greater freedom to investigate the object from any viewpoint or angle interactively
See 3D objects to scale in the real world using the 3DSOM AR Viewer. 3DSOM models can also be used in Virtual Reality

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