Gumroad – Action Posing by Katon Callaway


I take you through my process of looking at a pose and bringing it to life in Zbrush. I start from a T-pose character and within Zbrush pose him to final. It can be a bit of a process, and very daunting when you start. You will see how ugly it looks at first and how I overcome that by pressing on. I hope you can take away some good lessons from this!

Concepts I go over:

Compression and Stretching


Overlapping the figure

Final Sculpt fixes and tweaks.

Transpose master and other Zbrush posing tools.




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Mirror :-

Gumroad – Action Posing by Katon Callaway.part1.rar
Gumroad – Action Posing by Katon Callaway.part2.rar
Gumroad – Action Posing by Katon Callaway.part3.rar


Mirror :-


Mirror :-









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