3DMotive – Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya


In this course we are going to animate a quadruped character for videogame from scratch, starting by setting up the reference plane for the in-game speed, followed by blocking all the main poses with appealing shapes that can be read on any angle of view. After that we will work with the timing to make those poses fit on the correct frames, and progressively we will add the in-betweens at the same time we keep adjusting the timing. It is going to be a progressive refining process, were we keep going back and fourth on the controllers to make them have a fluid movement. We will also work with some variation in speed, dynamic arcs, follow thought and and how to address correctly the feeling of the weight. At first we will work only on the core of the body, and letting it drive all the secondary animations which we will only start to work more towards the end of the course. In the end I will show a quick trick to make the animation look more organic by using animation layers on some parts of the character and we will finish with a ready to use run cycle.



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3DMotive – Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya.part1.rar
3DMotive – Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya.part2.rar
3DMotive – Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya.part3.rar
3DMotive – Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya.part4.rar


Mirror :-



Mirror :-










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