Uartsy – Character Development Master Class: 2D & 3D Tools For Professional Pipelines


The 5 most important lessons:

Thoroughly understand the character creation process from start to finish.
Effectively transfer 2D costume concepts to highly detailed 3D models.
Efficiently retopologize, UV, and texture characters for a production pipeline.
Understand the fundamentals of rigging to dynamically pose characters.
Create professional turn-table to properly present characters.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Pre-Class Bonus Lectures
Get a taste of Danny’s tone painting techniques.
12 Lectures

Project 2 : Getting Started
Begin blocking out your character focusing on flowing lines and shapes.
10 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 3 : Constructing the Face
Sculpting and drawing each part of the face.
10 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 4 : Hand Sculpting And Basic Paint
Creating hands and painting a basic skin tone.
8 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 5 : Armor And Clothing Design and Layout
Designing costume concepts in 2D and transfering them to 3D.
7 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 6 : Re-topology and working on the Mouth
Learn to retopologize the head and work creating teeth
5 Lectures

Project 7 : Working with UV’s and Examining Materials/Polypaint
13 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 8 : Rigging and Posing Your Character
23 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 9 : Creating a Turn-Table and Evaluating Our Character
16 Lectures

Project 10 : Generating Texture Maps
9 Lectures | 1 Assignment

Project 11 : Creating and Adjusting Texture Maps
20 Lectures



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