CreativeLIVE – Retouching & Photoshop Techniques with Lindsay Adler

Learn in-depth techniques for retouching images to perfection, helping your clients look their best, and expressing your creative vision! Whether retouching skin, whitening teeth or reshaping body features, Photoshop allows you to perfect reality as well as express your creative vision. In this workshop portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will cover essential retouching techniques and teach how Photoshop allows you to make the impossible possible! Lindsay will cover countless creative Photoshop techniques: creating porcelain skin, changing colors, displacement maps, adding textures, adding makeup in Photoshop, quick retouching plugins, and dozens of other techniques you can apply to your own photography.

Let Photoshop become your next realm of creative expression through this workshop. Lindsay will also include a couple live shoots and live retouches so you can see an image start to finish and learn the nuances between a portrait, beauty or avant garde retouch.



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