MightyBake v1.4.9 Win64

High Performance

Mightybake is fastMightyBake’s hybrid GPU / CPU accelerated baker maximizes your hardware to bake textures ultra fast. The more cores you have, the faster your bakes.

Big Data
Mightybake is a 64-bit bakerBake millions of polygons using MightyBake’s powerful 64-bit renderer, while capturing every detail with maps up to 8192 x 8192, 16-bits per channel.

Built for Games
Mightybake is efficientHave MightyBake output your maps, error free, in the right tangent space for any of the major game engines without a need for a second application.
Powerful Baking

Supports maps up to 8192 x 8192 resolution for ultra high quality results
Outputs maps in 16-bits per channel for more precision and less banding
Bake a wide variety of map types
Tangent space and object space normal maps at the same time
Ambient occlusion for richer shading
Material ID (Clown)maps for use in other texturing tools, including individual layer masks
World space height maps or normalized displacement maps
Vertex colours from your high resolution meshes
Curvature approximation
Thickness approximation
World position
UDIM support for multiple UV tile baking
Use arbitrary envelope shapes and sizes, no need to have envelope topology be the same as your low poly mesh
Use a search distance instead of an envelope for faster baking
Unique trace method reduces errors and misses significantly compared to other baking software
Enable super-sampling up to 8×8 and guassian blur up to 8 pixels for smooth, high quality maps

Thanks to “n0MAD”



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