Quixel SUITE 2.1.1 Pre Release 2 and 3

New pre-release build is now available with a few key additional features, namely Smart Material Batching, custom ID preset saving/loading and a dozen new Smart Materials
To use the new batching feature, make sure your ID map is made using the standard Quixel color swatches (using either the Colors plugin for Max/Maya or by using the swatch.fbx for ID baking), and then simply select “Preset Base Materials” in the ID Preset dropdown in the Base Creator. This will create all base materials for you automatically when generating the project.
This build also fixes an issue with project creation introduced in the last pre-release build. Check it out!
– Introducing: Smart Material Batching (Auto generate all materials from an ID map)
– Smart Material converter for converting custom 1.8 presets to Suite 2 (including GGX conversion and PBR validation options)
– Full support for saving and loading custom ID Presets
– Added new Base Materials ID Preset
– 12 new Smart Materials (Stones, Metals and Plastics)
– Color picker for wire-frame
– Fixed bug where patcher would not detect previous install
– Fixed auto updater crash caused by anti-virus applications
– Fixed bug where custom imported materials would become grey
– Added ‘W’ key for toggling wire-frame mode quickly
– Fixed 3DO map importer crash
– Fixed bug where material browser would go off-screen for certain screen resolutions
– Improved symmetry paint mode
– Fixed bug where some mesh groups would not get rendered
– Fixed bug where back face culling would be off by default
– Fixed mask toggle getting stuck in paint mode
– Fixed bug where symmetry planes were having an effect on brush positioning/orientation
– Further optimized wire-frame mode
Misc additional fixes
Pre Release 3 This build also fixes a number of Reimporter bugs (IDs getting jumbled after import and resolution bugs), PNG export breaking during alphas export and a few additional fixes.



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Quixel SUITE 2.1.1 Pre-Release 2.rar
Quixel SUITE 2.1.1 Pre-Release 3.rar


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