Uartsy – Advanced Creature Anatomy Class


The 5 most important lessons:

Understand creature anatomy essentials and the evolution of anatomy throughout time .
Design six legged creatures by truly understanding hexapod anatomy and properties.
Understand different methods to create believable creatures with mixed anatomy.
Sculpt accurate animal anatomy and understand how muscles actually function.
Develop actuate bird anatomy and how to incorporate flight in sculpts.

Course Outline
Project 1 : Anatomy Nuts and Bolts Toolkit For Designing
Learn Anatomy Essentials that will help improve your art
4 Lectures
Project 2 : Understanding Specific Evolutionary Anatomies
Understand anatomy through time
3 Lectures
Project 3 : Hexapod Anatomy
Designing Six Legged Anatomies
4 Lectures
Project 4 : Anatomy Of Flight
Learn to make your creatures fly
8 Lectures
Project 5 : Design Rules For Mixed Anatomies
Believably mix creature anatomies
4 Lectures
Project 6 : Animal Anatomy in ZBrush
Sculpting Animal Anatomy
18 Lectures
Project 7 : Bird Anatomy
Take your understanding of bird anatomy to the next level
16 Lectures
Project 8 : Resources



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