World of Level Design – Unreal the Corridor Project


World of Level Designs brings you

Go beyond UE4 beginner basics and learn how to use Unreal Engine 4 to construct an original environment.

Entire workflow from start-to-finish across 21 in-depth videos
Create “The Corridor” environment with this step-by-step guide and apply techniques to your own project
A set of custom Static Meshes included for you to use and follow along (31 Static Meshes)

How do you go beyond the basics of Unreal Engine 4 to create something original and unique?
Let’s face it, with Unreal Engine 4 you are only after one thing – to create your own game environments.
Once you’ve learned how to get around the editor and have used Starter Content to create a simple level – it is time to move past the basics.
Now, you may think that you are now ready for a completely custom game environment with all new self-created Static Meshes, and maybe you are. But unless you know how to use a 3d modeling application, creating your own models at this stage will lead you to a very steep learning curve which will take you away from Unreal Engine 4.
So what is the next project to do to get past the basics?
First Recommended Project was to create a small environment with Starter Content. The key to this first UE4 project is to keep it very small. Your primary goal is to learn Unreal Engine 4 functionality, fundamentals and principles of using this game engine. This was covered in detail in “UE4 Fundamentals”.




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