Phlearn – Intro To Compositing Studio


Compositing made simple.
The ability to place your subject into any background frees your creativity and expands your options for clients.
Our goal is to make it simple. We show you how to match light, camera angles & color in camera, then finish the job in Photoshop.

Intro to Studio Compositing3 complete composite tutorials
3 complete composite tutorials.
Each composite image is different and comes with its own set of challenges. We include three composite image tutorials to go over the majority of techniques you need to create a successful studio composite. Learn to create shadows, match color, cut out hair, and match lighting on 3 different images.

Studio lighting explained.
Studio lighting explained.
One of the biggest challenges you will face in studio compositing is matching the light from the studio to the background image. If the light doesn’t match, your image will look out of place. Learn how to match multiple lighting conditions with the included 3-d lighting diagrams and lighting explanation video.

Learn to master the Pen Tool.
Learn to master the Pen Tool.
When it comes to cutting out your subject – there is no better tool than the Pen Tool. The accuracy, control and flexibility of the Pen Tool makes it the perfect companion for studio compositing. Learn to cut-out your subject from head to toe using the Pen Tool.

Copy shadows perfectly.
Copy shadows perfectly.
When it comes to compositing – the shadow is as important as the subject. Without a realistic shadow, your subject will look as if they were floating. You will learn how to use the exiting shadow from the studio image over-top of the composite, making your shadows perfectly real.



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