FXPHD – MDO203: Intermediate Modeling and Texturing in Modo


This course, led by Pat Crandley, aims to help artists create Sub Division Surface Models in Modo. In this course you’ll explore of the tools, techniques and, most importantly, the thought process behind creating high resolution geometry for your scene. Understanding the role of the sub division surface algorithm will help you plot out the edge flow of your model and help you create fine geometric details and textures.

In addition to exploring the sub division surface modeling framework, you’ll also explore the UV mapping process in Modo. The UV mapping tools in Modo quickly produce strong results and the strategy behind the technique will be developed throughout the UV mapping stage. We’ll explore some great additions to the UV mapping tool set in Modo and look at how to create UVs for tricky geometry. We’ll wrap up the UV Mapping module by looking at the UDIM framework in Modo as we look to send our UVs to your favorite texture painting application.

To conclude, we’ll explore the procedural generation inside of Modo. A majority of the texturing detail can easily be created with procedural textures. Combined with group masks, procedurally created textures paired with great UV maps will yield us great results. 3D modeling and texturing can be a laborious process. Great 3D modelers don’t work hard, they work smart. This course aims to arm you with the strategies and techniques to get you to your final render faster.

Pat Crandley has been a 3D modeler, animator and editor in the computer animation and visual effects industry for over 10 years. Crandley served as the Post-Production Supervisor for the 3D Animation department at MTV and oversaw the production of a computer animated series called Video Mods. He also worked as the lead modeler and animator for a series of commercials for Coke, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Debers Diamonds. Currently, Pat is teaching the next generation of 3D modelers and animators at Sacramento City College and The Art Institute of California: Sacramento.

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