Integrityware Cyborg3D Complete v1.0.0 Win64


3-D Translation
Translation and cleanup of major CAD and Polygonal Formats
Cyborg3D provides: import and export of the standard CAD data formats (STEP, IGES, SAT), import and export of Wavefront OBJ and STL (stereolithography) formats. Additionally, there are a variety of CAD and polygon tools that support orientation and cleanup of the data.
3-D Design
A comprehensive set of organic shape modeling tools.
The Cyborg3D Sub-D modeling tools enable users to create complex organic shapes from scratch. Cyborg3D Sub-D modeling is easy to learn and highly interactive and we have heard that it is a lot of fun. These organic shapes can then be converted into CAD formats and exported to CAD systems, 3-D printed using the STL export, or sent to a graphics engine using the Wavefront OBJ export.
3-D Printing
Powerful tools to support creation of STL
Cyborg3D has a superior tessellation engine that can produce excellent quality, water tight, and lightweight polygonal meshes. Our tessellation engine often produces better quality meshes than is possible with native CAD systems. One of the important workflows supported by Cyborg3D is the import, cleanup, and tessellation of CAD data to produce a quality STL file.
Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering of organic scanned meshes.
Cyborg3D has a unique set of tools to allow you to rebuild shapes from a large variety of polygonal meshes. It can import meshes from: 3D scanners, Finite Element Modeling, 3D sculpting programs, 3D printer files, other polygonal modeling tools, and online polygonal model databases. Cyborg3D has the ability to constrain to and reference underlying meshes to capture the original design shape.
Photo-realistic product visualization and animation
The some Cyborg3D products are bundled with the KeyShot rendering software from Luxion. KeyShot is one of the best rendering solutions available in the marketplace. It’s simple drag and drop interface allows you to quickly visualize finalized product designs. Combined with Cyborg3D translation and geometry creation technology, the advanced Cyborg3D rendering products provide an amazing product visualization package.



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