Cineversity – Boston Terrier Illustration


In this series we are going to go through the process of creating an illustration of a Boston Terrier from start to finish.

This includes creating the base polygon model for the dog using various modeling tools, Using BodyPaint 3D to make a UV Map, Creating an environment and setting up the lighting and camera exposure, creating the Fur and styling with the Hair Tools, as well as setting up the Hair Material, painting a custom texture in BodyPaint and using the custom texture to blend between two hair styles, and finally rendering the final image and saving with a filter applied.



Download Links:-




Mirror :-

Cineversity – Boston Terrier Illustration.part1.rar
Cineversity – Boston Terrier Illustration.part2.rar
Cineversity – Boston Terrier Illustration.part3.rar
Cineversity – Boston Terrier Illustration.part4.rar


Mirror :-










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