Gumroad – Painting with materials Anthony Jones


Painting with Materials. This 3 part video series will explain how to think about materials while painting, and how to go about painting in a demo. Total time is around 90 minutes.

Video 1 topics include:

3 principles to live by REFRACT, REFLECT, ABSORB

Understanding it like a 3d artist helps.

Gloss/Metalness. or Rough/Metalness.

Video 2 topics include:

Decide the value including the read and the lighting.

Determine how shiny it is.

Be patient with your materials.

Video 3 is the final touches to the painting. There is a sped up version if you’d prefer that instead.


This product contains: 90 minutes of video, PSD File, Hotkeys, Brush and Tool Presets.



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Anthony Jones – Painting with materials.part1.rar
Anthony Jones – Painting with materials.part2.rar
Anthony Jones – Painting with materials.part3.rar
Anthony Jones – Painting with materials.part4.rar
Anthony Jones – Painting with materials.part5.rar


Mirror :-










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