Piccure Plus v3.0.0.6 for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Win64


piccure+ is a reliable choice for photographers for correcting optical aberrations, camera shake and blur from optical low pass filters (OLPF) – three major reasons for a lack of image sharpness. It is the first software solution that actively addresses the problem of copy-to-copy variation in lenses and corrects optical aberrations specifically for your equipment. It integrates seamlessly as a plugin (filter) into Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop® Elements and Lightroom®. It can also be called directly from within DxO Optics Pro® and PhaseOne CaptureOne®. piccure+ also works as standalone including RAW converter. piccure+ is developed by a team of professionals (Professors and PhDs) and has been on the market for several years

We have not been idle over the last few years and piccure+ has come a far way. It was released as the first Photoshop plugin to correct camera shake (see: Link) in May 2013. In October 2014, piccure+ (v2.0) was released. With the introduction of Lens+, it was the first software to correct complex optical aberrations by the means of blind deconvolution. piccure+ also came with a RAW processor as a standalone program and as an extension to DxO and Capture One. piccure+ is currently the only software solution to individually correct spatially varying optical aberrations without using lens profiles for your equipment.

Version 3 of piccure+ was released in May 2016 and offers some very significant improvements: GPU acceleration in Windows (Nvidia®)—nearly 6x as fast as version 2.5 and almost 10x as fast as version 2.0. Faster processing on CPU (speedup >2x) for Mac and Windows. It also has a refined user interface, now offers full Retina support, and in addition several bugs were fixed. Upgrading to piccure+ v3.0 will be free of charge for any piccure+ customer.



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