Gumroad – Hard Ops Release 8 Chromium Blender 3D Addon


It is with great pleasure that I present to you all Hard Ops 8. This release was focused on refinement and cleanup. I’m sure by saying that, we have cursed ourselves with new bugs. In the rush to 0079 it became apparent that a moment to reflect and refine existing systems while cleaning out antiquated code was needed. This release is a multi-part where we will expand on the 8 release with additional features. I just wanted to get you guys on the same page so I can at least demo the software without being in the future.
Now the goal of Hard Ops can be simplified into one line.

Hard Surface modelling and workflow assistance. A helping hand.

There is no magic button. It won’t make a better artist. All our tool can do is enable you to be the maximum you.



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