SkillShare – Beauty Retouching Part 1-4


Camera Raw Processing

In this first class on beauty retouching we are going to walk though the proper camera raw processing.

We will start simple – You will know what is the difference between jpg image and raw image. After that I will show You few notes before raw processing. After we jump into camera raw, we will do basic raw conversion and familiarize with basic panel. You will know what is important – what needs to be taken care of to do right retouching.

In the following parts we will go into more advanced areas like how to fix the colors and tones of the image, including even specific details.

Professional Skin Retouching

In the second class on beauty retouching we are going to walk though the right skin retouching techniques.

This class is not going to make You confused about weird retouching techniques. Even If You are beginner You will be able to follow every lesson. We are going to start from basics, I am going to walk You through retouching tools, You going to know which retouching tool is right for the specific thing, also You going to know the differences between specific retouching tools like clone stamp or healing brush.

After that I will show You how I work with the retouching tools on the empty layer, You will know how to change blending modes and tools for different tasks – spots, hair etc.

As soon as we finish clean up we are going to jump into most important part of skin retouching – Dodge & Burn. I will tell You what is dodge & burn, how to prepare layers for dodge & burn, and finaly we are going to do practical DB work. The best thing is, in this course I am going to deliver You my soft DB brush as well as my DB actions!

See You in the first lesson!

Setting up The Contrasts

In this Class I am going to show You best methods of setting up contrasts of Your portrait images.

Contouring doesn’t has to be difficult and time taking, by using different kind of selections You can easily define highlights and shadows of Your portrait images which makes contouring portraits just simple!

I am going to show two main methods I am using these days with one optional which allows You do do Your own experiments and finding Your own ways in the future.


Beauty Retouching Part 4 – Final Adjustments
In this class I am going to show You my final adjustments for beauty retouching, that let Your images look clean and stand out.

At first I am going to show You how You can fix You skin tones or manipulate them according to Your own or photographer preferences. Also in the subject of color I will show You how You can keep control just on one specific color.

At the end You will know amazing sharpening technique that will let You to bring up more skin texture in natural way.


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