Pluralsight – After Effects CC Rotoscoping


In this course, After Effects CC Rotoscoping, you will learn how to use After Effects CC to manually rotoscope out a complicated and stunning visual effect. First, you will learn how to interpret and assemble the footage in the timeline. Then, you’ll learn how to mask out the subject as he swings his sword to cut a cyberpunk robot in half. After that, you’ll learn how to rotoscope out the effect of the robot falling into two pieces, as well as additional sparks and robot insides to complete the illusion. Finally, you will learn how to finish off the project with some final touch ups applied to the effect and overall composition, and more.



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Pluralsight – After Effects CC Rotoscoping.part1.rar
Pluralsight – After Effects CC Rotoscoping.part2.rar
Pluralsight – After Effects CC Rotoscoping.part3.rar
Pluralsight – After Effects CC Rotoscoping.part4.rar
Mirror :-








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