Cubebrush – 3D Hand-Painted Weapon


This tutorial will explain the entire creation of a 3D Hand-Painted Axe that could belong in a video game.

The polycount and texture size we are going for are all conservative/realistic for today’s mobile/MOBA style of games and shows the exact pipeline you need to master to get you the job you want.

The full tutorial runs 2 hours and includes:

-Game-Ready Low Poly Axe
-Hand-Painted Texture
-Diffuse PSD
-Custom Gradient Maps
-Axe Concepts

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Mirror :-

Cubebrush – 3D Hand-Painted Weapon.part1.rar
Cubebrush – 3D Hand-Painted Weapon.part2.rar
Cubebrush – 3D Hand-Painted Weapon.part3.rar
Cubebrush – 3D Hand-Painted Weapon.part4.rar


Mirror :-









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