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Brand new from cmiVFX, is a new highly detailed twist on video training for The Foundry’s Nuke flagship compositing software. You have all seen the vague “making of” flicks shown on the television, but how many times have you watched the filmmaker gloss right over the most interesting technicalities as if it were purposely done to drive you mad? We know, and empathize with all the like minded individuals who strive for greatness at their craft. Yes, it is true that 95% of the active film post houses are cmiVFX customers, and our research team spends allot of time trying to blaze the path for the software vendors engineers to have something new to build, however it would be a new precedent to present to the world a publicly accessible way to get behind the scenes of an entire series with over 8GB of project files for which you can see in great detail what it really takes to put together a larger scaled project. If you haven’t already logged into your cmiVFX account by now, then check out the chapter descriptions below! When it comes to the best of the best VFX training in the universe, there is only one choice…



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cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part01.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part02.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part03.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part04.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part05.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part06.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part07.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part08.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part09.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part10.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part11.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part12.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part13.rar
cmiVFX – Nuke – Making of Ren.part14.rar


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