Anatomy360 – Neutral Heads Pack 01

Anatomy 360’s neutral head pack 01 comes with 10 high-resolution 3d scanned head models with neutral expressions.

What’s in the pack
10 x Male and female heads preloaded into the Anatomy 360 Viewer.

For those of you that don’t want to use the Anatomy 360 model viewer, I have also extracted all of the models into OBJ files with PNG texture maps. This took quite a bit of time so I thought I’d share.

Included maps are Texture, Detail/Height, and Ambient Occlusion in PNG format.

Run the Anatomy 360 Neutral Head Pack 01 Setup.exe if you want to look at the models in the Anatomy 360 model viewer

Import the OBJ files and textures into your favorite 3D modeling application. I ripped the OBJs directly from the model viewer using NinjaRipper and Maya.

This is my first torrent so forgive me if I mess something up. If you have trouble using the OBJ models or texture maps, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

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Mirror :-

Anatomy 360 – Neutral Head Pack 01.part1.rar
Anatomy 360 – Neutral Head Pack 01.part2.rar
Anatomy 360 – Neutral Head Pack 01.part3.rar










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