cmiVFX – 3DS Max Destruction Art with M-Particles

In this course, we use 3DS Max with M-Particles to create an awesome destruction simulation. We’ll be flying a spaceship through the doors of a temple, destroying the pillars and fracturing the floor.

Hello and welcome to this new workshop in cmiVFX. I will be with you in this exciting workshop on destruction with m-particles. First of all, we will create our temple with very basic and simple shapes. Then we will convert the lines to polygons and simple polygons for simulation.

Next, we will move to some simple modeling techniques for modeling the wall, the door, and some small details. We will use Photoshop to create an ornament and export it to 3DS Max and feed the ceiling with simple shapes. We will create another full panel to feed the floor and the other areas of the temple.

We will move to the polygonal techniques to model the pillars and the other parts of the temple, retaining very simple shapes for animation.

Then we will move to M-Particles to create the spaceship animation. We will set up the scene and our cameras and test our animation. We will fracture our pillars and the door and the walls with Rayfire and then pass these fragments to M-Particles as a particle group to create our destruction.

After that, we will create our ground fractures, stick it to the side of the ground, and test our simulation. And then we’ll pass this to the glue to hold it.

Finally, we will review our results and test our animation to see what we’ve done so far.

This workshop is from zero to hero in M-Particles. We will build a very simple to complex destruction system to handle the door, the floor, the spaceship, the right pillars, and the left pillars.



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Mirror :-

cmiVFX – 3DS Max Destruction Art with M-Particles.part1.rar
cmiVFX – 3DS Max Destruction Art with M-Particles.part2.rar
cmiVFX – 3DS Max Destruction Art with M-Particles.part3.rar
cmiVFX – 3DS Max Destruction Art with M-Particles.part4.rar










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